We're a group of MIT students, who is passionate about creating a European community on campus as well as fostering cross-cultural collaborations between MIT and Europe. 

Our mission is to leave a positive impact on the MIT community and beyond. 

MISTI student fellowships

We're strong supporters of MIT's MISTI programs in Europe, in order to promote cross-cultural experiences in European countries among the MIT student body. Every year, the European Club sponsors MIT students on MISTI internships, whereby they get the opportunity to explore research and  studies in leading European institutions, as well as intern in companies established throughout Europe.   Check out this MIT news article feature about us to learn more about it. 


European Career Fair

We're also organizers of MIT's European Career Fair - the biggest such event worldwide. Learn more about it here.

Latest news: Featured in the MIT News

Partnership with MISTI: $200K Milestone reached

June 21, 2017

The Euro-Club, which comprises MIT students dedicated to creating a European community on campus and fostering cross-cultural collaborations between the Institute and Europe, has contributed more than $200,000 to MISTI over the past decade.

“The partnership between MISTI and the European Club is truly unique,” says Erin Schenck, managing director of MISTI’s MIT-Germany, MIT-Netherlands, and MIT-Switzerland (German-speaking) programs. “Nowhere else on campus is there a student group giving back on an annual basis.” 

Thanks to the Euro-Club’s sponsorship, MISTI — which specializes in matching students with hands-on projects across the globe — has been able to organize 42 additional projects in nine European countries.

“The model is mutually beneficial,” Schenck explains. “MISTI connects top industry partners with the European Career Fair, and the club pledges a portion of the proceeds to support internship opportunities.”

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EuroClub in the News

September 01, 2015

MIT News

“For many of us,” says MIT President L. Rafael Reif, “coming to MIT gave us the feeling that we had 'come home.’ By making it possible for MIT students to engage in MISTI internships in Europe, the members of the MIT European Club have found a beautiful way to share their experience of the power of being 'home' in two places. This act of giving back speaks to the deepest values of MIT."

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EuroClub Recognition

MIT's Golden Beaver Award

May 10, 2016

The Golden Beaver is MIT's institute-wide award presented to student organizations, living groups, dorms, or teams that show a strong organizational structure or government, that provide outstanding programming, and that have a significant impact on campus life at MIT. Recipients have shown dedication to continually improving their group and enhancing the campus environment.

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