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We're a group of MIT students, who are passionate about creating a European community on campus as well as fostering cross-cultural collaborations between MIT and Europe. 


Our mission is to leave a positive impact on the MIT community and beyond.


We organize the European Career Fair @MIT

We organize Events
We can fund your events for the community of the European club
We financially support MISTI programs in Europe


Past events

Red Sox Game

September 15, 2018

The MIT European Club organized a Red Sox game outing, for game #74 on Sep 15 at 4:05pm, as they face their New York rivals, the NY Mets! We discovered the Boston fervor for the local baseball team, and got to see them play in the historic Fenway park.

Broadway Outing

August 22, 2018

The MIT Euro Club organized a group trip on August 22nd to watch the musical Book of Mormon at the Boston Opera House. The show is about two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Uganda to preach the Mormon religion. Very tuneful music and hilarious plot have made the show won nine Tony Awards since 2011.

Movie Night

August 14, 2018

For our second Monthly European Movie Night on the MIT campus, we met to watch Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, une nuit), in collaboration with the MIT Club Francophone. Work and emigration are the main themes of this movie night, which touched the large majority of us! 

Movie Outing

May 07, 2018

​The MIT European Club organized an outing to Belmont World Film's 17th Annual International Film Series. On May 7, we went to watch Under The Tree, from Iceland & France!

Escape the Room Outing

April 28, 2018

The MIT European Club organized a group trip to play Escape the Room on April 28th. In order to escape from the locked room, players tried to gather enough clues within an hour to solve the critical puzzles hidden in the room. It was a perfect game for anyone who loves some mental challenges!

Movie Outing

April 23, 2018

The MIT European Club celebrated the return of spring with a trip to Belmont World Film's 17th Annual International Film Series, where they watched the movie What Will The People Say, from Norway.

Drug Development Workshop with Bayer

April 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it takes to bring a drug to patients? In a workshop co-organized between Bayer and the MIT European Club, participants became employees at a pharmaceutical company and learned how industrial drug development works. This interactive approach provided insights into the pharma business model, making the drug development process transparent and easier to understand.

Hockey Game Outing

March 17, 2018

The European Club gathered to attend the final of the 34th Annual Hockey East Championship at TD Garden, where Boston University competed against Providence College for the Lamoriello Trophy.

Movie Outing

December 17, 2017

The European Club went to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX, preceded by a dinner catered from Whole Foods!

NBA Game Outing

December 15, 2017

The European Club went to watch the Boston Celtics competing against the Utah Jazz at the end of a semester.

Fuck-Up Night

November 20, 2017

The European Club and more than 200 people gathered at the MIT Museum to hear entrepreneurs, high-level executives and special guests share their failures while having some popcorn amid super cool robots.

Circus Outing

October 21, 2017

The European Club went to watch Cirque of the Dead, just in time to get ready for Halloween!


June 17, 2017

The European Club went out for a Paint Night!

Martha's Vineyard ECF team retreat

May 27, 2017

To together celebrate a very successful European Career Fair 2017, the ECF team headed to Martha's Vineyard to reflect and chill. Beaches, sunshine and great company!

Movie Outing

April 01, 2017

The European Club members braved a cold night to go see Ghost in a Shell at the theaters, warming up with dinner!

Basketball Celtics Game

November 02, 2016

European club members got to get into the Bostonian spirit to support the Celtics as they hosted the Chicago Bulls for an epic basketball game.

Acadia Fall Foliage Trip

October 07, 2016

What better place to enjoy the beautiful North-Eastern coast than Acadia National Park, with breathtaking panoramas of the coast hugging the mountains draped in red, yellow and green foliage. 

Comedy and Science Night at the Oberon Theater

September 13, 2016

The European Club members enjoyed a night out at the Oberon Theater, with five ture, personal stories about science, and life's proclivity for change.

Six Flags Trip

September 10, 2016

The European Club members were at Six Flags New England all day, enjoying the thrills of crazy rides.

Hiking and rafting in Baxter State Park

August 18, 2016

European club members went for a weekend of outdoorsiness in Baxter State Park, embracing the Maine way of life by rafting, hiking, eating lobster, and enjoying each other's company.

July 4th celebration in Cape Cod

July 04, 2016

What better way to celebrate American Independance day than on the beaches of Cape Cod with 15 fellow Europeans? We did hold up the American tradition of having a big 4th of July BBQ!

Dinner cruise in the Boston harbor

May 08, 2016

Dinner, dancing, and a cruise in the Boston Harbor. We were happy to celebrate yet another successful European Career Fair!

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