Giulio Alighieri

Giulio is a cancer researcher in MIT's Chemical Engineering department and is working on RNA-RNA interaction to cure cancer. Originally from Italy, he's studied in multiple European countries: from University of Naples and Turin Polytechnic to INP Grenoble and EPFL. Giulio is passionate about European political integration and so he joined the EuroClub to get involved in the European community at MIT and to build cross-Atlantic partenrships between MIT and Europe through the European Career Fair.

Xiaoyu Wu
Social Chair

Xiaoyu is a PhD student, working hard to produce fuels from combustion products, i.e. water and carbon dioxide to create a carbon-neutral cycle and decrease the green house gas emission. Having grown up in Guangdong, China, Xiaoyu learned about the EuroClub before heading off to Germany for an internship at Bosch. In addition to engineering, he explored European culture and volunteered to help refugees incorporate into Stuttgart. After he came back he decided to help MIT students learn more about the culture and opportunities in Europe.

Susanna Bächle
Vice President

Susanna is a biomedical scientist and joined the MIT European Club in 2015 and has since been active in organizing the annual career fair. With study experience from Australia, Germany and Sweden she is passionate about cross-cutural connections and enabling talent globally. Susanna currently works for the biotech nonprofit Addgene in Cambridge. 

Katrin Michel
Chair of Operations

Katrin is a postdoc at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT. She is fascinated by the question how small changes on the molecular level can affect neuronal networks in the brain and ultimately lead to learning and memory. Katrin is originally from Germany and joined the EuroClub soon after she came to MIT in October 2015. She is excited to support the European community at MIT and foster the cultural dialogue with the MIT community from all over the world.

Karine Ip

Karine is a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department at MIT. She is interested in sustainable practices. She is currently working on modeling recycling and lowering the environmental footprint, after working on building energy modeling for her Masters. Originally from the island of Mauritius, Karine pursued her interest in engineering at Brown University for  her undergraduate studies. Being francophone, she spent a summer in Paris for an internship at EDF and exploring the regional startup ecosystem. Thereafter, she was excited to join and interact with MIT's European community through the EuroClub.

Previous Board Members

Christina Galonska

Christina worked as a postdoc at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. She just graduated with a PhD in June 2016 (congrats!) Before coming to Boston she studied Molecular Medicine in Germany. Christina likes to stay active in her free time - besides organizing events with the EuroClub, she's a passionate tennis player competing in championships all over New England.

Ola Kalinowska

Ola was a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, stoked on medical technologies. At MIT, she has worked on improving diagnostic imaging, surgical instruments, and assistive devices for rehabilitation. Originally from the coast of the Baltic Sea, Ola brought to MIT not only a passion for engineering but also the open waters. She crewed dinghies as a varsity sailor and now sails the X-dimension on the harbor waters. Ola deeply values the ability MIT's given her to travel and build international collaborations and she's been excited to foster MIT's European community through the EuroClub.

Mette Rathje

Mette was a postdoc in Neuroscience at MIT. Originally from Denmark, she has been involved with the EuroClub since January 2014 (a month after she arrived at MIT). She's participated and co-organized numerous EuroClub events from the ECF to ski weekends, concerts, and summer bike trips. She enjoys the sense of community that the club provides to international students at MIT as well as the friendships she's personally acquired through the club. 

Chiara Lepore

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